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News 2011 june 15th
There are new Tromaggot-Merchandisings! Take a look to the online shop:
Teahart Online Shop

News 2009 october 24th
Dharmander Singh, who did a speaking actor for AotT, seems to be a comediant. I didn't know that. See a little show by him at Live im Hinterhof:
YouTube Live im Hinterhof

News 2009 september 21st
There is a new music-video about "AotT"! It is a techno remix!
Youtube link to the video

News 2009 july 17th
There is a BLOG about Tromaggot and I don't know why.
Blog about Tromaggot

News 2009 july 3rd
There is a new song for this movie.
Take a look to the soundtrack!

News 2009 april 10th
the latest tailer of "Attack Of The Tromaggot" makes Tromaggot bad:
this is the link to the YouTube-Video
News 2009 march 10th
a Tromaggot Fan made a fan teaser for AOTT - thank you very much Biollante2000Millenium
here is the youtube-link

News 2009 january 26th
I am looking for english speaking actors in Berlin.
See the promotion video to look for speaking actors from Berlin

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