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Yes, there appear now and then articles and advertisements in Tromaggot of any magazines or newspapers - even in criminal complaints - on. Sometimes I know that, sometimes I know nothing baout that. The article, which I think I will be here in this area just mentioned.

The Making Of TROMAGGOT - printed in the PRANKE #34

A certain Alan Smithee has a page on the Tromaggot Prank magazine reported - the film magazine for Monster freaks.

picture of the article

Here is the beginning of this article who wants to read more, it is necessary to obtain the magazine:


Since 2005 a small Freak work on a no-budget-TROMA-Fanfilmprojekt around. The people who were required were looked for that with the help of the Internet. Financed the whole thing with his gum shot bank account. The genesis of the project and an interview with this freak in this article are reproduced. An amateur film about a mutant Gigant Monster Maggot what bloodthirsty revenge on their "producer" is.

Tromaggot read the PRANKE

Have a look to the speaking actors!
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