the biting Tromaggot

The Tromaggot
tromaggot bites in the air

A little Making-Of for Tromaggot

This movie is a Mokumention. That means the material shown here is a fake, ie not dressed according to the truth.
Even if it is true that in my bathroom is out and back on vagrants lost, but the rest is really something unbelievable, right?
mucus boss

I was looking for speaking actors

Be a speaking actor for the Movie "Attack Of The Tromaggot". You can do it for free. With this trailers help you could find some english speaking actors in Berlin.
You want to see the speaking actors? go to the sychroniziation

    Note: The films may contain ingredients of peanuts!
              Why they only elephants should be consumed.

the head of the chickzombie

Tromaggot needs you!

I was looking for actors, for camera men, for anybody! I was so alone with this movie project :*-(. Nobody wanted to help me.
So I made this movie and nothing changes!


the first song

I think the song "When I was on top of you" by Trey Parker is so beautiful that I thought I should create the trailer for Tromaggot on the same way. Whether the project is already started or not.
The result can be left to admire.

Sounds shit. So right there is the improved version of them.

tromaggot in paper

Tromanale 2005 in Berlin

Tromanale was the first independent film festival I ever was. Here I met Lloyd Kaufman the very first time in my life - and I get tromatized...

Tromaggot in the short film "How do you make a monster movie in 45 sec."

You can see Tromaggot on the end of this short film! Maybe this short film is better than the "Attack Of The Tromaggot"-Film?
The movie is a persifalge of Lloyd Kaufmans "How do you make your own damn movie".

a bad tromaggot

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