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The Histromy - Part 2


the first camera
the very first camera (pictured right)

Alex and Blum
the Blum and the Alex

the Start

So I began to start this project by my own: The film "The Evil At Home" is now revised.
Sometimes I even thought that if I shoot a few scenes again it could make that it looks better - maybe I could could almost complete this movie. Hmm, but I have no camera and not even know how to put the film from the camera to the PC?
Anyway, keep horny.
So, first of all I listened to some relatives of mine. Maybe there is anyone I could borrow his video camera because I have big plans.
Then is happened: One guy of the fourth degree relatives (I never heard about him) said:

 "Jo, I gotta old think,
      take a look into the carbage can."

And boom, I got my own 8mm video camera, madness! And all this in the year 2005! On this time I was satisfied with so little.
By chance the Super8 film Martin Rowek has given his old and slightly broken tripod to me - how nice of him.
Now just the same monster was missing, the same monster in the old film appeared. What was it again?
    - A sock
    - Vampire Teeth
    - A bit of cardboard for the mouth
    - Green color
Ok, I think I can afford this stuff.
Two weeks later I had my own monster again - even better!

With what do I start?

Meanwhile, I even decided to re-shoot a few old scenes new - you can call it the Director's shot.
So I wrote on a piece of paper, what I want to shoot, even with dialogue! - so not this improvised shit like the first time!

   - camera                                          -> check
   - monster                                         -> check
   - Papier auf denen steht, was gemacht werden soll -> check
   - performers                                      -> performers? casts!?

Hmm dung, Cast are missing.
Let's go to the old MODEM-Mobil and through an eye on the Internet! Now comes the biggest advantage you can have if you're in Berlin for shooting: it will sign up a bunch of actors! From layman, Hobbie-Cast until professionals all were here in Berlin. Many wanted join but then they do not join when they have noticed what I had before. Many ran away in big panic when I showd the old takes of the old movie from the wild nineties.
Many run away, very many, so incredible many - but not all! And not anybody - NO Somebody with special skills!
The following people kept:

  Sebastian Gutsche
(Actor from the films by Timo Rose - the big killers of "Barricade")
  Sonja Schultz
(the President of apocalypstick productions)
  Moritz Langer
(Director of the internationally well-known short film "Invasion Of the Planet Earth")
  Alexander Ulrich
   (Trash-director of the No-Fucking-Budget-Production)
  Stefan Blum
   (E-guitar of the band Godless Ending)

That is Berlin: From dishwasher to the dishwasher with connection!

german text
Help! What can I do?

Moritz Langer and Sebastian Gutsche
the Moritz and the Basti Gutsche

Sonja Schultz in Cannes 2006
you can click on the image

Sonja Schultz was even in the year 2001, a genuine Tromette in Cannes, making some TROMA-flair to the film project has been incorporated unconsciously.
Ok, but now I need a location?
And the worst: I need a location, which looks like a laboratory - shit. How? How does it work? After a long Looking-For-Everything-Time and Asking-For-Everything-Time I could actually collect some stuff together - all without pay. From the farmer - there were cool looking glasses; by Hobbie chemist - there were cool test tubes, from a closed doctor house - there were laboratory suit and so on.
Everything inside the kitchen and is ready to
Trash laboratory setting:

Trash laboratory setting

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