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The Histromy - part 3


So and action!

Trohh my god now it's time. I have no idea what I do but somehow something will be done.
Thanking of fate my sort of performers were so experience. They could show me how to make fake blood - how to turn on the camera and how to use light to see in the darkness.
With many mistakes then someday everything was shot ready (the old well-known error: during the shooting the camera was not switched on, in my opinion it was a way too much happend *Ahhrg! This is shit!*).

rec break

teah and tromanale equals tromade

TROMA comes into the game

Boah, it's annoying. But cool and funny *feign*. Because I'm deep into the trash-movie swamp now so I thought I should take look to the Tromanale in Berlin - a free film festival.
What kinda battle Fest! The most abstract and artistic workout of the medium "film" that you can imagine. Unbelievable live performance acts has been offered here - for no money! Wow. There was this kind of a Mel Brooks-prototype with the name of Lloyd Kaufmann. He liked this idea about a the using of making of a homemade monster movie to teach filmmaking for your own. And I liked the way of life in all of this Troma films. I had never seen this kind of movies before - what wonderful films.
So it became clear to me that I should put this TROMA flair into "The Evil At Home". Best with a different title: "the Tromade" (Made is German and stand for maggot, it's like tromaggot in German, Capiche?) A word game between troma and Made (maggot)! Madness. And the monster (the sock) in "The Evil At Home" is a maggot - this may not be coincidental!

Film Project is on ice :(

Crap! Because of some businee reasons I had to moved to different towns for a short time. So I couldn't tinker pulled at the tromade for a undefinitly time. On time I was in Frankfurt (Oder) and tried to educate for my sixth form, sometimes I was on a number of internships or job interviews because I can not stand more on school. In Nuremberg I was even allowed to work somewhere.
>From now to then I moved. First in a family, which hosts for a long time with 14 dogs. Interesting experience. I also had a new flat - no furniture (up to now, moreover, without furniture, nobody needs that). New job, new city for two years. So it seems that I have to freeze the Tromade on ice for two years. Ok. Let's see what the film scene in Nuremberg does: Nothing! Nothing. Although you can hear a story in Berlin about a film called "Jimmy Tornado"*, whose director comes from Nuremberg. Nothing is going on here, that have something to do with film making. But there are a lot of this sport with the ball - it is called soccer. Soccer is everywhere - that's so corrosive.
So I was bored and tried to come clear with my new job.
The money that I earned here, I invested in a right semi-Prof camera. I am such a old captialism pig.

*The director of "Jimmy Tornado" is also involved in Tromaggot (cameraman)

poor Tromaggot
Tromaggot on the Rocks

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