ein animiertes gif mit 2001 bis 2008 Zähler

The Histromy
hand with red sperm

How was Tromaggot born?
How would you want to do a Tromafilm? Drugs?
Well, you yourself do not come prepared Tromafilm to make the "TROMA" developed in the course of the film project of all alone.

Let's at times quite classic:
There was a time, a fit-Nothing. Nothing he could. If what he could, he broke it.
Are these geschlafen has nothing in his own garbage (Proof: the left in picture).
This fit-nothing and two of his buddies began sometime in secret with the camera of the fit-nothing mother a film.
Total überhebelt and verpeilt the film was to never completely finished and disappeared from the curriculum vitae of the three fit-Nichtse. The three have been with the project lived apart and never again wanted to know what each other ...

Nearly would even fit on the mother-nothing about this project and thus by the illicit use of the video experience - but it never came - Schwein gehabt * * Lounge escape arrest.

End ... ... ?


homeless people

some years later


It began in 2004 in Berlin. Somehow, I get a primitive tool, which can edit movies on a PC.
"Wow", I thought, "because of course I can determine my old VHS movie from the nineties certainly burn to DVD."
So the "film" that I created in the age of 14 was edited somehow with the VCR and a DVD recorder and then digitized on the PC market. Lot was the fun.
Unbelievable I lost my balls.
The cutting of a movie to a PC which was so easy! Each of the times Super8 films cut and had put to the mixer or with old VHS recordings composed dared to try
(Stop - Play - Rewind - stop - too far - Play - Stop - rewing again- etc.), will agree with me:

"What a quantum leap!"

As if years with a broken tricycle drove at once, and now Mercedes is moving.

bloody director

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