der beißende Tromaggot
The Wall

The Tromaggot

tromaggot beißt in die luft
head of the chickenzombies Tima after time there will be more small teaser or performance or Mokus about Tromaggot. Something like that.
The whole stuff is here and presented.

The "everything is bad" Trailer

Not another amateur German movie! God, who'd want to watch that?
This totally sucks -- immature little boys trying to make a movie with mom's camera.
And it's supposed to look like Troma? Nobody likes Troma.
What's so good about this slimy, multi-colored, blood-soaked garbage?

tromaggot bad painted

the "nonsense" trailer

This trailer told you a story that doesn't belong to "Attack Of The Tromaggot". Hear the Story of a young man who have to decide between his career and true love. That's so romantic.

heart of tromaggot

Le trailer al brutaló!

To demonstrate how the project to international cosmos has grown, there is a trailer, with a voice in ENGLISH (!!!) - sounds - incredible!
Not all the shots in this trailer are included in Tromaggot on - so beware if you're watching.

running Björn

the Pre-Trailer

What does this mean?
The trailer was created as the film was still in the shooting. It has also been sought mainly to be used recordings in the film will not occur, which is also so. But perhaps a few shots appear in the film - everything it's too long on me ...



the Anti-Trailer

This trailer presents the problem of overpopulation in indirect criticism. You can convey this message through the remnants of human capital, which constantly runs through the sequences.
Since the trailer such a serious global issue addressed, I have decided that this trailer is not really a trailer for Tromaggot stamp.
be cool

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