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the actors
(volunteers from the outer internet)
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Since I am not all the characters in the film. Embody may have had people that will act as an actor. On the Internet there are all sorts (even this site can be found on the Internet) - also people who volunteer in this amateur trash participation.

As a thanks to all performers, in this project, will be immortalized here (at least until the provider again deletes the Domaine).

From countless talented amateur performers to professional film actors was in this project all tastes. Hidden talents from people who were downright forced to participate, came to light. Tromafans, which necessarily in a Tromafilm player wanted in the story were still installed. Camera men had to embody a character quickly because the actors did not, and and ... bla bla bla ... the people from whom I had an image, are now here and you can watch to them like the monkeys in the zoo are watched.

mucus chief
Stefan Blum
Name:             Stefan
Character:        the Emo (or the Punk, or the Ass - who cares)
Celebrity Rang:   Guitarist of the band Godless Ending
Oliver Müller Name:             Oliver Müller
Character:        Military scientists of torture
Celebrity Rang:   Actor in the Ittenbach movie "Legend Of Hell" and "infection"
Alexander Ullrich Name:             Alexander
Character:        Hans - the scientist
Celebrity Rang:   director of a zombie film
sonja schultz Name:             Kittyhawk
Character:        Alice - the scientist
Celebrity Rang:   director of feminine shorties
moritz langer Name:             Moritz Langer
Character:        John - the maggots eater
Celebrity Rang:   director of the cult movie "Invasion Of The Planet Earth"
Name:             Solo
Character:        the puky coP
Celebrity Rang:   Guitarist of the band Godless Ending
lloyd kaufmann
Name:             Lloyd Kaufman
Character:        the blackmailed guy
Celebrity Rang:   actor in the movie "Attack Of The Tromaggot"
                  and president of Troma       
Name:             Sebastian Gutsche
Character:        Björn - alright, it's Björn!
Celebrity Rang:   Actor in many movies directed by Timo Rose
                  (the murderer of the movie BARRICADE)       
Name:             Stunna
Character:        Frankie
Celebrity Rang:   Actor in the German Movie "Gerne Einen Mehr Abkassieren"
Name:             Rüdiger?
Character:        the mayor
Celebrity Rang:   Actor in many shorties created by NeueMassenproduktion
Name:             Skully
Character:        the right hand of the left arm
Celebrity Rang:   the president of the Berlin Underground Videothek "Filmkunst"
                  and the big boss of "b-ware! media"
Name:             André
Character:        Knorke
Celebrity Rang:   Review Autor of some filmmagazines
                  and actor in some arthouse movies of the Underground in Berlin
Name:             Rusty
Character:        naked ass
Celebrity Rang:   the best Troma volunterr of the world
                  and actor, film festival organizer many more...
Name:             Baptisté
Character:        No Pants Hour Guy!
Celebrity Rang:   no known french guy of the french Independent-Film-Scene
                  and organiuer of many festivals
Name:             Alexandra Rothert
Character:        muCus-Chefin
Celebrity Rang:   president of the NeueMassenproduktion
                  and actor, director of many films
Name:             Lars
Character:        Will, the muCus-guy
Celebrity Rang:   Hey, who doesn't know him?
Name:             Cem Oezcakir
Character:        also Will, the muCus-guy
Celebrity Rang:   actor (he acted in Die Walküre)
Michael Beret
Name:             Micheal
Character:        some muCus-guy
Celebrity Rang:   He has a real German ID-Card
john o'hara
Name:             John
Character:        some muCus-guy
Celebrity Rang:   just a actor and a professional e-mail spammer
keine Ahnung
Name:             the Itchy
Character:        the training muCus-guy
Celebrity Rang:   is there
Name:             ---
Character:        the same training muCus-guy
Celebrity Rang:   visitor of the Soccer Game
                  Frankfurt-Mönchengladbach on the saison 97/98
Name:             who cares?
Character:        again a muCus-guy
Celebrity Rang:   of course!
Name:             Matze Matze
Character:        a dreamy muCus-guy
Celebrity Rang:   the real batman
Name:             Thomas
Character:        cameraman, but he had to do a muCus-guy
Celebrity Rang:   cameraman
Name:             I don't know
Character:        the Tromafan
Celebrity Rang:   a real human
Name:             Oleg
Character:        the dying muCus-guy
Celebrity Rang:   civil person
Dante Vegas
Name:             Dante Vegas
Character:        Dave
Celebrity Rang:   master of the Percoco-Movies
Name:             Haggie
Character:        Dave's co-worker
Celebrity Rang:   actor and singer
Name:             Der Sandynel
Character:        Stripa claus
Celebrity Rang:   musician
andré albrecht Name:             André Albrecht
Character:        cum shot teller
Celebrity Rang:   movie maker in bavarian
Name:             the DaU
Character:        the Crusader
Celebrity Rang:   Owen Hart imitator
Name:             this is for all the extras that are not mentioned,
                  I will never forget you - this is also true for the people
                  behind the camera
Character:        --
Celebrity Rang:   I can see them in AOTT


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Even to the non soul owning actors deserves thanks that they are not broken before the shooting have gone.