the tromaggot monster

Synopsis of Terror
the tromaggot monster

Can this rather by accident resulting story ever have a synopsis?
I myself do not know what the story tries to tell?
Even before the intro is finished, you will get out and no longer know where you are.

Are you looking at all Tromafilme because of the story?
Rather we look at porn with a donkey for this reason.

But what the heck, I try to write something together:

free lancerLaboratory
Located in the small suburb MAGGOTOWN happens in the science laboratory accident, and one of the laboratory maggots by a free lancer was gone, could escape into the sewers.
fortune cookie with message mucus
At the rate his happiness biscuits Jobber, the opportunity was his chance and increases in the mucus-organization - an organization that illegally dealt with mucus.
cops chief zuccini pie with morelly cherry
In order not caught by the cops to be baking the mucus called poppy Zuccini pie with morello cherry and send them to the head of the cops too. But this truth does not think him to eat the cake and send again to the laboratory.
super fertilizerlabor and fertilizerslime vessel
Exactly this is pie in the laboratory in the middle of your super-fertilizer advised what needs to be immediately destroyed. Björn is the mucus like to make it to the mucus for sale. But instead, this mucus also disposed in the sewer ... directly to the maggot and so Tromaggot is born ...

Will the cops be able to attain to break the mucus sometime?
Will Tromaggot remain in the sewer and die happy and satisfied?
If the mucus finally realize that it does not make sense to invest in slime and someday maybe to buy SAP-shares?

These are all questions that are not so sure it would have formulated!

police chief is fighting
chicken zombie

Here's the short version:

The small suburb MAGGOTOWN is a warm and incompetent police chief reigns. Before his eyes, pushing the organization mucus mucus illegal transactions and thereby pollute the entire sewerage system of MAGGOTOWN. Which is not bad if the nearby laboratory is not already a maggot in the same drain would have ...