A little insight to the storyboard of "Attack Of The Tromaggot"

The first scenes are completely without a script emerged. It almost worked, because nobody knew the preliminary to any further improvement of shooting. The Know-How to prepare a shooting scene was also from the ground up, the real purpose for Tromaggot project - a film it should never come out.

 The first scenes were shot only with the free will
Then followed a script with the dialog
In the next phase a little shooting script (ie, dialogue and description, what the actors make)
Then came a Working Script Add (schedule, when what should be done)
The next time a check list was added
And at the end I started to use a storyboard, because without is always stupid

The storyboard didn't really simplified the shooting, but confused because no one knew what should be shown there. That is, I think the reason why such a story board in an amateur film project has no place. But I have something to teach myself, which 10 years have not achieved schooling: "to handle with a pen."

The first drawing attempts were somewhat primitive:
Tromaggot Storyboard
first storyboard

time after time nothing chances:
last storyboard

I am a hobby film maker and not a hobby drawer or a hobby web designer, capiché?
Bjoern drois dangerous
For who-want-to-know-it-people here is a collection of different pictures of the storyboard:

storyboard pics

For who-want-to-know-it-people here is comparing of the drawed pictures and the real pictures:

storyboard and reality


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