"Attack Of The Tromaggot"
a falling maggot
It's like shit and trash in one movie!

Sometimes you can download hardcore XXX homo-gay porn with lesbians, but at the first time you only can download this crappy "AOTT"-shit.
More stuff is coming soon!

Here is the first trailer, that you can download (do it bitch!):
the Teaser of "Attack Of The Tromaggot"

Here is a little short movie, in that you can see the Tromaggot:

Here is my Overview of the Tromanale 2006:
Tromanale 2006 overview
big *.wmv (47,5 MB)

Here is the overview of Cannes - TROMA was in Cannes 2006 - watch what they did!
Overview of Cannes 2006 small *.wmv (24 MB)

If you want to see more movies - go to www.teahprojekt.de - here are more fucking movies, pics and drinkning piss fun, but this is in German - sorry.