a talking maggot
"Attack Of The Tromaggot"
It's like shit and trash in one movie!

And here are some comments from interessting people about this film project:

the Trash-Queen: Debbie Rochon This movie looks like it would be the perfect vehicle for David Hasselhoff. Beyond that it is SUPER DUPER LAME!! I love it!
GE: Sonja Schultz
(Produzentin von international renomierte Softerotikfilme mit Tieren)
Der Film war für mich eine interessante Erfahrung, und ich wünsche dem jungen Regisseur viel Glück für seine Zukunft. Toi toi toi.
Der Juckreiz hat nach etwa drei Wochen wieder nachgelassen.
GE: Moritz Langer
(Austausch-Menschenfresser in Polynesien)
Ich wusste, dass man in dieser Branche verdammt tief sinken kann, aber soooo tief?
Caleb (director of "Die You Zombie Bastards!")
Tromaggot is the best film I haven't seen this year!
Chicken Zombie-Ron Mackay
I think I am actually dumber now (If that's possible) after watching this trailer.
But at the same time, it was worth every brain cell that I lost, and I look forward to losing many more when this film is completed!
If the director is the future of film making...
God help us all.
the only one: Lloyd Kaufman I love the movie "Attack Of The Troma-God"!


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