"Attack Of The Tromaggot" is an amateur independent film, which is still in the phase of pre-production and production. This film needs many helpers and actors.

The story of the film narrate the whole live of a maggot. From the origing of the maggot until the dead of the maggot.
The maggot was generated in a town, called Maggotown. Maggotown is a small city or village. Only crazy people live there, who don't know anything about the existence of the maggot.
a dancing maggot

two fucking maggots

The people do their work or not-work. They have a lot of fun. But in the end of the film all people will die.
The Story is not simple, because there are only one main-story: the whole live of the maggot.
All other actors in the movie are only the fodder. *YAMYAM*

Of course, the maggot is a mutated maggot, a bad maggot, a killer maggot... it's a...